Carrie Bradshaw's best dresses on Sex and the City

As a girl in her teens, nothing else filled my heart and soul like Carrie Bradshaw's fashion and shoes. Just as much as her classic one liners charmed her viewers, her dresses stole their dreams. 
Let us look at some of her best dressed moments..!

That Gucci bag that got lost in her mix and match....
 What stood out other than her well toned tummy, well its hard to say, but that full hand black, the waist bag and that stripped skirt...She made it work!

Runway dress
This D&G dress looked so well fit and sophiscated on her.. and she sure did carrie it well.

Too much pearl and still too good ?
Who else can wear all that pearl all together and make it look so good but Carrie Bradshaw. Such a risk taker.

Another Marvel.
Playful in an Anna Molinari 

Too much risk?
Although I liked the ensemble, I wondered like many others if this really fit her figure. I think it makes her look a bit stick like.
                                                      The green Chole top.. a beauty ..!

                                                             Bold and Beautiful
                              That D & G underwear and the coat and her look ...stunner!

                                              When in Paris act like the French
                                                       Oh so sophisticated in Paris..

                           This look is so easy to get but yet not so easy to carry, oh carrie

So bright and yet blended so well.. Although Carrie's Paris episode carried an unspoken sadness, her dresses were spirited up.
                                                               And the award goes to...
This D&G dress is an absolute masterpiece.. I remember watching this episode over and over again, just to catch a glimpse of Carrie's dress just one more time..The making of this episode showed the time and effort it took for the crew to put this dress together in the scene where Carrie sleeps on it, so beautifully waiting for Petrovsky.

                                                     Tell us your favourite...

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