Hot Pregnant Celebrities and their baby bumps

"Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother." said Oprah Winfrey. As the paparazzi goes scrambling around for who is carrying the bump most stylishly, who has gained weight and who has not, I think to myself, is it or is it not too shallow to discuss a person and how well they are carrying their pregnancy. I mean there is just soo much more to this beautiful experience than just the bump and how well you show it off or how well you accessorize it.

All that talk about Jessica Simpson carrying too much weight surrounding her pregnant self, and Nicole Richie showing too much skin while pregnant and Julia Roberts looking too run down while pregnant.. Jees! Just when we wonder when will the media leave these mommies alone, we get bombarded with pregnant magazine covers. Lets be honest, we dont mind a baby bump on a magazine cover once in a while, given it is classy but who has time for the ones which makes you go ..errmmmm..!

Let us look at some magazine covers of popular celebs with their baby bumps ..

Demi Moore...This cover was first of its kind. While some raised their eyebrows, others thought it was simply beautiful, gloryfying the beauty of motherhood.

While Demi looked a little 'posey', Cindy definitely made it look natural and effortless.

Oh Claudia, Im not sure if she knew that she was not on a ramp or an editorial for LV, C'mon Claudia..give us a smile will you, your pout is over rated!

Probably the nicest look Britney sported since her pregnancy, It was all downhill from here on wasn't it?

Somehow, not a big fan of Christina's (below) cover. She looks too unnatural, or a bit too photoshoped maybe and if the cover is supposed to emphasize nature and its beauty then whats with all that makeup, that pose. It only takes the focus off her beautiful bump and brings it back to her face and since theres nothing new there..its just 'move over'.

Let them talk all they want about Jessica's weight gain during pregnancy, she looks ravishing here. The long hair, the eyes, everything works so well for her in this cover. The only low, this is just too familiar , maybe ELLE took Demi Moore's Vanity Fair cover (above) for inspiration and went too far with it. Different pose next time?

Maria Maria...! She is trying her best here.. but theres js too much bump here I say. They could have picked a different photo maybe, she is a stunning woman with so many beautiful feauture and yet they had to focus on her curveless less apple shaped figure - not too flattering.

 Which of these magazine covers is your favourite and tell us why ?

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